Wednesday, January 7, 2009


One of my goals this year is to get more organized.

Dream closets are not just for the rich and famous.  If you implement a few simple things you can have one of these well organized mini boutiques of your own.  My favorite dream closet is Mariah Carey's and the one Mr. Big builds for Carrie in Sex and the City:The Movie.  Carrie Bradshaw's original closet is pretty amazing.  I am a huge fan of pink, but this beautiful grey blue is very pretty.  I love how the color doesn't disturb the eye when shopping your closet.  I have taken ideas from all of the closets pictured to design the store as well as my own closet (cases for the clothes, padded hangers, assorted mirrors, accessories out where you can see them, a cute chair, great lighting, etc.).   In my dream world, I would convert a spare bedroom into a mini version of my boutique complete with shoe, lingerie and accessories departments.  


Tools to turn your closet into a dream closet:
  1. Padded Hangers
  2. Cloth Garment Bags
  3. Color Coordination (light to dark)
  4. Style Coordination (short to long, casual to formal, flats to stilettos)
  5. Work out clothes should be folded
  6. Knits should be folded and never hung, unless folded over a hanger
  7. Buy a steamer
  8. Buy spray fabric refresher
  9. Vintage should be worn sparingly
  10. Make friends with a tailor or seamstress
  11. If you store your shoes in their original boxes, put pictures on the outside so you'll know what's inside each box.
  12. Use shoe stuffers
  13. Store your handbags with paper stuffing that came it or inflated bags so they keep their shape
  14. Hampers for laundry, dry cleaning and repairs
These are a few tips to turn your closet into a dream closet.

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