Thursday, January 31, 2013



Dusting powder is something that's been around for centuries.  However, not very many women actually use it.  It's a product our mothers used quite religiously on us as babies.  They knew after a warm bath a little body powder and baby oil were the perfect combination to yielding a good night's sleep.  Somewhere along the way to adult hood, forgot about this combination.  We've opted for hot showers and late night television as our sleeping sedative.

Here's a challenge.  Go back to your childish ways and cover yourself in body powder after a hot bath.  Only kick it up a step by using a fluffy powder puff like the one below by Shelley Kyle.  The feel of the soft wool puff is sure to awaken your feminine senses.  Not mention how pretty it looks sitting on your vanity.  Or sprinkle a little powder on your sheets right before climbing into bed.  You'll discover your sheets feel softer and your body will instantly succumb to the calming fragrance.  You're guaranteed to sleep like a baby.

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